Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Heidi took this cute picture of Tim and her baby last weekend at the lake.  He's helping her play Fruit Ninja, not sure what that is.  The baby seems to know.

Later that morning, we asked Tim to please go along with his dad to get the boat from storage.  "Go learn how to do Man Things."

He was grudgingly willing and we told him to get shoes.

"Are shoes actually required for this??"

Dude. Get shoes.

He came back and informed us shoes were indeed optional. He sure didn't need them and p.j who had also been sent along didn't need any either.

Okay, then.  Errands in April. Barefoot is fine.

Today we had to go to a listing of mine and attempt to correct a paint situation on a window sill and a plaster problem below another window, trying to get ahead of the inspector.

Tim ran the shop vac, Julia and p.j chased the baby around and I scraped and put up plaster, sanded and painted, and we were out of there in less than 30 minutes.


Then when we got home?  A can of paint had tipped over on the ride home and we had a puddle of paint a good foot in diameter in the back of the car with the diaper bag floating in it.


There was mayhem and I was fairly rude.  We couldn't get the outside faucet turned on, even with me using two hands. The floor mats had to be rinsed off as fast as possible, and now what??

I shoved them in garbage bags, in my real estate lady clothes, and we dragged them to the back yard where the faucet does work and Tim started hosing them off.

Thankfully the baby was alseep in her carseat for this.   The other child, p.j. was in the kitchen pouring chocolate milk in fancy cups and said to me, "Grandma?"

I cut her off, "Not now! I'm having an emergency!!"  Her eyebrows flew up and she said nothing else.

Anyway, Julia scrubbed the carpet with many, many damp clothes and some dry, and it's all okay.

You know no good deed will go unpunished.  This is a prime example.


Please, for the love of God, put on your shoes so we're prepared for whatever may ensue.

Love you crazy people so darn much,  MOM, aka GRANDMA, aka Val

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