Tuesday, May 31, 2016

down home

 My parents came to hang out with us for the afternoon on Saturday.

It was lovely having them with us, good food, crazy kids, lots of energy.

My mom's sister and her family were staying at the resort next door, so we walked over and spent an hour with them on lawn chairs perched on the edge of the lake in front of their cabin.

 At some point in this day and this cabin FULL OF PEOPLES, my mom mentioned the cartoon she used to enjoy as a kid, called Down Home.  I've never seen it, but apparently it's an elaborate drawing of all the people, all doing their own thing, all over a complicated drawing.

 She said the cabin on Saturday reminded her of this cartoon, and I'm not even one bit surprised.

 t.c. and Julia.  They were once babies together, but look at them now:

 Kari, aka Lydia, showing her nephews a big nightcrawler:

Anyway, nothing but love.

Love, Val, aka MOM, aka GRANDMA

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