Sunday, May 22, 2016

the antique shop

 Up at the lake there are numerous antique shops, tourist little town that it is.  But then there's this one--it's big, outside town, and full of rambling nonsense and treasures.

This is where Kari's taxidermy bobcat came from, back in the day, the one my dad bought her when she was tiny.

Anyway, we went up there on Saturday and the owner came around shutting off lights and found me in the barn.  I told him the kids love this place, had asked to come here.

He and his staff are extremely nice to children, and I've commented on this to him before.  He waved his hand, "Let em come here. They're the future.  If they like this old junk, they got a friend in me."

He went out front to where the gang was back in the van, having heard inside that they were getting ready to close.

He stuck his head in the van and thanked them for coming by, said come again, anytime.

So sweet.

With love, Val

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