Thursday, May 11, 2017

a great thursday

 We went shopping for flowers this morning, me and her.

 Before this though, I was dozing on the couch during Curious George.  It was my favorite episode where Yellow Hat has poison ivy on his hands and has to give a presentation to scientists about how to use a special shovel.

Well I've seen it dozens of times and fell asleep.  The little girl does this thing when I doze off--she seems to always notice and she knocks on my face like it's a door.


I peeped open an eye and she held up one finger with poop on it.


I was so wide awake then, dang.
 She builds a nest under the table every day and lines the nest with all the doll clothes and costumes.

It's fine.
 We had fun.

And then at suppertime, THIS GIRL showed up from FLORIDA, where she lives it up in the sun.

It's been months now, and we were so happy to see each other.  It was a fun evening with her in the house.  The kids were happy too.

And Maria took this funny picture out on the patio earlier.

That's the end of a beautiful Thursday and Kirby is here.

Maria's college graduation is on Saturday,

So happy it's today and now.

Nothing but love,


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