Wednesday, May 17, 2017

things that have been said

 Last time we were up at the lake, this child got up at 4:45 am.  Heidi was a bit crisp about the whole situation. As the child made demands at breakfast, Heidi snapped, "Just stop it now.  I'm not taking demands from terrorists."

A little while later, as she sucked down a cup of coffee, she said, "I'm parenting in a hostile situation."

There was a pause and then she said, "I'm pretty much the hostile one."

Oh, honey. 4:45 will do this.

Little Jay has gone away with Katie's family for a week and we are watching this noble creature.

He is sassy and can be a little demanding.

I think Jay and Katie kind of spoil him. He's not used to this smaller tank or being told no.

He's doing fine, actually.
 He's very cool, and has so much more personality than I imagined.

Speaking of people who don't like to be told no, and who have personality in abundance?

 She vigorously styled her grandpa's hair with the utensils from the play kitchen.

 It was definitely somewhat painful at points.

 And here's Tim, in a mild, enjoyable moment with young Elin.

Last time we were at the lake he went out to the shower house to take a shower.

Very good.

Except he forgot to take along a towel.

So there he was after his fine shower, with no way to dry off, his clothes sitting there on the bench, folded.

And him very drenched.

He said this, in all honesty:  "I really don't know how dogs do it."

Oh, Lord.

I shouldn't laugh that hard. It took my breath away.

And now it's now.  Kirsten is back in Florida again, on vacation with Little Jay.

We are here, doing what we always do.

Life is good.

Love forever, MOM

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