Wednesday, May 3, 2017

may, you sweet thing

 May has arrived!  Thankful, yes:

"for the leaping greenly spirits of trees and a blue, true dream of sky; and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes..."

This is a line from my very favorite poem by ee cummings

Oh my goodness.

This child has been with me on errands this week, and she actually liked them, and we had fun.  We went to Target and the grocery store yesterday.

Today we dropped off old prescriptions at the library drop box (some of these were over 10 years old. Good LOR-ed. I was staring at the labels of old wisdom teeth removal prescriptions and other bottles wondering why anyone would have prescribed these drugs and for what conditions? James had a broken arm once?  Is that what this was for?  They were never taken, apparently.) and then we went to Fleet Farm to buy a SWING.

She liked it!  And we could easily get her back out of it again, also a priority--avoid entrapment.

These are pictures from last weekend at the lake.  I drove up on Saturday after I was done showing houses.   John and Dannell are in the process of evaluating their furniture and switching things around and John gave us their very fine hide-a-bed, so I moved this annoying, old, 80's flippy couch out to the front room where Heidi and her family usually sleep.

We flipped it out into a bed, which is its spring-loaded, preferred state, and put on sheets and they tried it out.

Looks like its going to work:

 Later, after a long game of Apples to Apples--which was so much fun because she has a quick sense of humor and can now also read--she got tired and went to sleep in Tim's bed, so he vacated out to the porch in the flippy couch.  Everyone happy.

Jay and Kari bought this big glass plate for $2.99 last week, and Kari deemed it the Cheese Curd Plate.   So when I fried the cheese curds, it was a go.


And that's the end of that.

May, you beautiful devil. Go sprout some flowers.

Love, Val

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