Tuesday, May 23, 2017

tuesday piano recital

Tonight was  Tim's piano recital, and it was wonderful.   The teacher is a sweetheart, and the kids were cute--their hard work is paying off.

Tim practices on an old Baldwin organ/electronic piano here.  It's a fancy item a friend left here a long time ago.  If she or her kids ever want it, of course they can have it back, but here it still is over 20  years later.

We also have a keyboard my parents gave us up at the lake.

Anyway, the electronic pianos have a volume on them, so Tim practices quietly, usually while I'm working in the evening, so I hear very little piano practice music, and what I do here is muffled and soft.


In two years, he has learned to play the piano quite well.   I had no idea how good at it he's become.


Love always, Mom and Dad and Everybody

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