Sunday, May 7, 2017

a may weekend

 Here he is, posing for me on the stump.

Here they are, tying a guy to the basketball hoop, no idea why.

 Water slide toy, filled with nice, warm water on the deck:


 At one point, the outside-the-tub cousin dumped a big cup of water over the inside-the-tub cousin's head.

Bad idea.

Never do this--quite hated.

 Alicia's dad in this picture--her parents bought a cabin that came up for sale in  our group and we are extremely pleased to have them.

It was a very fun weekend.

 We baked a birthday cake for this little girl. Why not? Since we can.

 She blew those candles right out, and then became suddenly silent, dropped off the chair and under the table.
Honey darlin' we know where you are, and Happy Birthday.

Love forever and always to Lyssie-Bear and all her cousins too.

Love, Grandma, Grandpa, and Everybody

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