Sunday, May 14, 2017

graduation weekend!

 Maria and Sean in the middle, siblings all around.

 After the very fine graduation party this babysitting of Little Jay's bearded dragon was attended to.

 This guy is just beyond cute

 So is she.  So is her father.

 Okay, this is a good story.  One cousin wanted to steal another's baby doll, but she screamed, "She's stealing my baby!!" Deflected.  She then stole a vulnerable baby from a different cousin out by the swingset.

As the cousin screamed, she clutched the stolen baby in her teeth and RAN.

I told Heidi, "There's always that ONE kid..."


In time? Civilized behavior will prevail.  No worries.

Not even a single one.

 And here's our lovely, patient graduate with her Dairy Queen cake frozen like cement.

Delicious, but challenging to serve.

Leaving it all there.
Maria, you beautiful graduate?

Thank you for being our girl.

Nothing but love,

Mom and Everybody

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