Tuesday, September 12, 2017

como zoo on monday

 It was a gorgeous day, breezy and soft, 80 degrees of perfection.

 The old 1936 zoo building where they had animals in small cages when I was a child.

The hyenas looked pitiful.  That's going too far.

They don't even have hyenas now.

And the old tortoises we used to be able to sit on are now protected in their own personal garden.  They have a statue for kids to sit on.

I don't want the good old days.  There were a few things I loved about the past, but mostly I'm just very glad it's now.

The sign clearly says to stay on the path. Even when the sign was read to her, she didn't care.

 That looks like an awesome nap.

 The little two year old Karmela went swinging away on the ropes.  Her mom followed along, unconcerned.

 This little monkey had twins on the back.

 The little child did a gesture like she does for her own baby sister, "I hold them?"

No, we can't.

 Heidi indulged this machine two times where it plastic melts and forms a toy animal.  I always have said no.  No.  We have enough crap around the house.  Well, she was nice.  The machine was cool.

p.j. said her animal would be perfect for my picnic table, and I don't disagree.


 We did not go through the conservatory or look at plants.  It was beyond the attention span of a two year old and too hot for the rest of us.   It's a free place.  We can drive over and look at plants any time.

 This is what she did when I offered to help her get in her car seat.

We try.  The stroller has to be taken apart, and apparently there are YouTube tutorials on how to do it.  It is a very handy stroller when a person has an unruly toddler and a little baby.  I like it a lot.

And that's the end of that.

Love, Grandma, aka MOM

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