Tuesday, September 12, 2017

party at dan and alicia's

 It was a great birthday party for a great kid.  They had a friends party in the morning and rented the bounce house for that, and left it up for the COUSINS to go nuts all evening.

 This is an amazing plant.  We also admired the sunflower which may or may not ever bloom. It sure got nice and tall though.
 Down in the family room, which has been about completely consumed by Legos.

 Video games!
 These little girls were very busy.

 This one is coming with her baby too.
 Gifts--more legos

 The cake was Lego too, only way better tasting.

 Here he is--one hot, sweaty birthday without a shirt even.

By 8:30, we were on our way home and a lot of tired kids were heading to bed.

Love you guys, Grandma, aka MOM, aka Val

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