Tuesday, September 12, 2017

sculpture garden

 The kids complained when they heard we were going to Como Zoo without them.  So when we picked them up, Kirsten and I dragged them to the city to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

They were not all that enthusiastic.

 I never knew this was a fountain. Water sprays out of the cherry stem and courses over the cherry and over the spoon.
 Ducks congregated underneath.
 This whole huge, elegant garden is across from the Basilica and has a freeway running between.

 That's Dunwoody Institute, where Jay went to plumbing school.  It was a four year program back then. Now it's five years.  They have other programs too.

 This is part of a whole 18 hole miniature golf course. It was cool. Not open, but fun to look at.

 I had to get a picture of the urinal one for Jay.  (He hates urinals.)

There you go, big blue chicken.
Onward. Tomorrow is already Wednesday.

Love, Val

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