Sunday, June 6, 2010

blooming catalpa

The catalpa is blooming, big blossoms that look like popcorn balls and smell like bath powder.

We planted this tree back when Little Jay was tiny. Both he and the tree came up to my waist. Catalpas seem to double in size every year at first, and now look at it.

It shades the whole side of the house, almost conceals the flat roof behind it. Some people don't like these trees, too messy. The pods are huge and fall all over. The kids fight over them, harass their dad to jump up and pull down this one and that one, and who has the biggest. The blossoms fall and stick to our feet, end up in the house.

I don't care. They're great shade trees, and they remind me of Lori. She had trees like this in her front yard, and there's one at my grandparents' too.

Beautiful June. love, Val

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