Wednesday, June 2, 2010

our lucky house

There is a cocoon on our house, over the back steps, near one of the dryer vents.

Last night, the caterpillar attached itself to the edge of the siding, hung upside down in the typical getting-ready-to-transform J shape and hung there trembling.

This morning there's a cocoon.

Tim was a little freaked out by these particular caterpillars. They're not woolly bears, you know? And we've got the blue tent caterpillars this year, and they're gross, but not scary. These freaky ones have intense suction cup feet and long, spiky hairs and red dots. They look fierce.

But he saw the cocoon this morning and said, "We're very lucky. This is a lucky house. WE have this transforming. Look at our cocoon." He ran off with the camera to take a picture.

Later tonight again he wanted the camera to capture the awesome tower he and Lydia built. When he ran back and showed me the photo, I told him I'd take a picture of all of them with it. Apparently Julia wasn't all that helpful, kept trying to swipe key blocks for a separate tower. I dunno. Bicker away. This is a cool tower, and I live in a most very lucky house, evidently.

(Yes, and note on the back of the rocking chair: a sticker. They are forbidden to stick stickers on the real furniture. Their junk--go ahead. MY stuff. Non. Nuh. Do not. But there it IS.)

Hug your kids, guys, and enjoy the magic and squirrelly weirdness...might as well. love, Val

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  1. Aww... you do have a lucky house :0)

    And if it makes you feel any better, my son apologized to me the other day because some of the stickers he had stuck to my wooden chairs were starting to fall off. Somehow he completely missed the rule about no stickers on grownup furniture so much that he thought I'd be sad that the stickers were falling off. Silly kids.