Thursday, June 17, 2010

storm clouds

I haven't seen this particular cloud type in a long time. I took pictures of them after a storm in 1987. There's a special name for them. They appear after severe weather.

The dangerous weather went around us. We weren't hit.

But at 9 pm, when we came up from the office to put kids to bed, the world looked so vividly golden, and the grass so green. This camera--it's far beyond the limits of this little thing to capture it, so this is all I've got.

(No, I'm not hauling out that film bugger and trying to remember how to set all those settings.)

Sigh. It's 11:39 on Thursday evening, the end of a great week. love, Val

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  1. Yes! Last night the sky was just eerie... I was putting Gus to bed around 9:00 and the whole upstairs of the house was just lit up with that yellow glow you're talking about. It was pretty beautiful actually, felt like we were in some sort of alternate reality.