Tuesday, June 15, 2010

a little confused...

The craft today at bible school was packing bag lunches to be delivered to members of the church who are sick or elderly--unable to get out.

The kids colored pictures on the bags and enclosed decorated cards. Others made sandwiches and packed cookies and grapes in plastic baggies, and the lunches were put together in a little assembly line.

The directions before beginning included EMPHATIC instructions that anyone handling food must wear plastic gloves.

So we got upstairs and t.c. was eager to begin decorating a bag, but insisted he must wear gloves. "She said we HAVE TO wear gloves!" His big blue eyes were huge and the tilt of his chin was entirely definite. I didn't even try to argue, just fetched him a pair of gloves and he worked hard coloring on that bag. It's tough to do with oversized gloves on, the fingertips kept folding over and getting in the way, but he persevered.

Then afterward he was interested in who the lunches were for and how they'd get them. I explained they were for people who are very old or sick, and someone was going to drive them to their houses, but we don't know where they live. The pastor said she was going to deliver some.

He looked at the two of us and said, "We could just pass them out to old people on the street."

Well, true. Except those are probably healthy old people who can make their own sandwiches...

Oh my goodness, I love you. love, Grandma

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