Sunday, June 20, 2010

the weekend and father's day

the one who is the dad around here, head neatly chopped off. he puts up with this.

It was a pretty nice weekend.

We went to a family party Saturday, had a very good time.

We got to see all the babies of our nieces, and I cannot even describe how lovely that was. Some we had never met before. (The babies, not the nieces.) My sister in law and brother in law live in a sprawling, crazy old house and have very beautiful grandchildren.

our niece and her daughter...our niece's name is Grace and she and her husband named the child Evelyn, after Graces maternal grandma, prettiest two names I may have ever heard.

this little one is so sweet

the napping room--no, you may not touch them.

Plus some kids of mine were there too:

smile boys!

Tonight we had Father's Day snacks on the patio, another nice night.

Oh my gosh. No wonder June is my favorite month of the whole entire year. love, Val

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