Sunday, June 13, 2010

a funny little kite

When I came home from work today, Julia and Tim showed me the kite they'd made. It was cute and tiny. They'd found sticks in the yard to use for the frame, and ribbons from a graduation balloon for the tail.

Adorable and funny--I liked it.

Later they offered to demonstrate flying it. Jay snickered as they ran out the door, said, "This is pretty good. They've got the right idea."

So here they are, running as fast as they can so the kite flutters off the ground.

Look out for the picnic table!

Here's Tim washing the dog poop off his foot.

We have a kite kit somewhere around here. We should build it next time there's a windy day, take it up to the park. I want them to feel that, how as you're running, you can feel the point where the air takes it, and then you're just holding the string while the kite lifts higher and higher.

too cool for this kite

In other news Maria received her certificate for participating in track, and they wrote her name on it as Mariah. This really grinds on her patience because her cross country thing says Marla on it. "Marla and Mariah! As if Maria is an unusual name or something. They're ridiculous!" Yes I did laugh. She glared at me. That's my girl. love, Val

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  1. I have two kites in my trunk. Remind me next time I am home, they can have them.

    <3 Kirby