Wednesday, June 23, 2010

it's a dumb story

a random kid...they're not sure who he is

The kids are playing softball, and last night was picture night. We took them all over there, in their softball shirts, and photos were taken. Seemed fine.

Well, this morning I had an email from Tim's coach, saying pictures were tonight at 7:15.

Weird. I emailed him back and said all the kids had their pictures taken last night. I asked Tim and he said yes, he did.

A few hours later the coach called saying he wondered if Tim had been photographed with the wrong team. His neighbor coaches that team and was out of town on a business trip, so someone else was with the kids for pictures.

I told him Tim had told us Coach Murphy was there.

There was a second of silence and then the coach said, "I don't know who Coach Murphy is."

That's when I started to snicker. He was photographed with the wrong team.

I asked if we'd have to pay again? His individual picture is fine, but for the team picture? Hmm. Probably not.

Then I realized this--what about the other team? They're not going to all come back again to have their picture re-taken, and there's going to be this weird, random kid in their picture, a kid nobody even knows.

I told him this, and then I started to laugh, and laugh. I had to sit down. That's when he started cracking up too, and told me that other coach is a friend of his.

Yeah, well his team picture is going to have Tim in it.

We asked Tim about this. Did he know any of the kids last night? Were they from his team? He said no. We asked him why didn't he say something?

"You set it up and Dad took me." Meaning: You two should know what the heck you're doing. Oh yeah, that's us, really on top of it.

Oh dear. Happy Wednesday. love, Val

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