Friday, February 27, 2015

a friday to remember

So before anyone else was up, I washed this fine floor and then realized I had no floor wax--had to go buy some.   The rugs were in the dryer, and what the heck?

Looking good now.

Later Dannell called to see if we were home and had time to hang out.


This little girl SMILED at me today!!

A real, live smile!
 I was talking nonsense to the child and then she grinned ear to ear.

Sam was all up upon her. Sam has a huge fixation on babies. She was sniffing her over while she was still in the carseat while I was working the buckles, all overly eager and sniffy.

 Oh, and the mail brought money. Not a lot of money, but that's okay. Any is better than none.

This guy, fast and sassy. When it was time for a diaper change he said, "Gramma do it."


I can. I have.

I know how. I wondered if his mother told him to say that, but then I laughed, and as we changed the diaper I mentioned to him the fact that we have a toilet.

Press the lever, forget this ever happened.

Any time you want, you just go right ahead and poop in it.  Go.

He laughed.

And then after they went home came a phone call from Dan, way overly understated.

Our baby is born.
Yes, indeed, she was. We took our time and headed over there and even lost our car in the many convoluted  ramps.


 Oh, my sweet Lord, she's adorable.

And then we came back home, left the new parents in peace with their baby girl.

Sweet angel, we are so glad to meet you. I can tell you right now, this family is better with you in it.


Happy Birthday, Darling.  love, Grandma and Grandpa and Everybody

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