Thursday, February 19, 2015

pssht, the buffet

This buffet cabinet is something I bought second-hand for $90 many years ago.   It's fine. I refinished the top a long time ago, but have been thinking that in its location next to the back door, it's looking like it could use some touching up, nothing drastic, just going over it to hit the water spots and nicks.

The first thing I looked at was why the right hand cupboard door wouldn't close.  I fiddled around with it for a few minutes and then looked at the opposite door.  Same problem.  Same direction.

I stared for a few minutes and then realized what was happening here.

 The turtle tank is doing something bad to the suspension.

It's forcing the top down in the middle and the botton to widen.  That's not good.

So we went to Fleet Farm and bought industrial shelving that can hold a thousand pounds, and he anchored it to the wall besides.

This was a project that was definitely NOT on the schedule for today, but it's done now.

When my dad comes back home, Mom said he'll look at the buffet and see if there's a way to fix it.  If not, life will go on.
But T'HESE two?

They were with us at Fleet Farm while we examined all the shelving options and weights and measured the sizes.

They were fairly twitchy and quite silly, and I glanced over and Julia was standing up in the cart.


I said, "Julia! That's not safe!  That can tip over!"

About that very moment, it did tilt to the side and she fell right out.  Thank God she didn't hit her head or hurt her butt on the sharp edge of a shelf.


Onward.  It's the weekend.   Tomorrow is Friday, best day of the week.

love always, Val

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