Tuesday, February 10, 2015

oh, laughing

I came across this on Instagram tonight.  That's p.j. in the middle, her dad on the right, his little brother--her uncle on the left.

(The uncle has been Jay's trusty plumbing side-kick the last few weeks.  Jay wishes he had enough work to keep him helping every day.  He's wiry and capable, has a good sense of humor.)

Oh, I laughed though.  Hair brushes driving the roads?

Monday Alicia texted me early.  b.g. had a stomachache and his little brother had a class and could I keep care of him for a couple hours?


Apparently he gobbled down his breakfast and then was complaining and holding his stomach and what do you do with a guy like that?  Take him to preschool in that state?

No. Take him to Grandma's.

He rolled around on the big, red couch for about fifteen minutes.  I asked him if he thought a popsicle might help?

He thought it would, so I carried in the milkman food and found the popsicles, and he ate one and was well.

He woke up his aunt and uncle, and felt better.


I love miracle cures.

Alicia and I had a fine lunch of tuna sandwiches, even though I ran out of mayonnaise and the Miracle Whip was expired.

We persevered and survived.

Tonight, late, I drove home after the snow, and the sky was that thing it does after a snowstorm, the huge pink dome of sky, bright as day.  Over the pines, there was a little slice that was a perfect baby blue.

And I came in this house and found one sleeping man, and a couple sweet kids, and now it's actually tomorrow.

Love you all so, Val

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