Tuesday, February 17, 2015


This is a picture Alicia took at the birthday party on Saturday.  That's my sister and me talking, and Julia in  a hug.  

As we were standing together, Jule tilted up her chin and told me, "I froze a latex glove full of water in the freezer."


Why are you telling me this?  What's the meaning of it?

Not I love you, something about a frozen GLOVE?

Well, yeah.  That's random, but it's also one of things I love SO MUCH about kids.

Their weirdness, their kid thoughts, and the things they notice that I'd never think of.

They've frozen toys in paper cups to make freezer pops, frozen a number of bizarre things for entertainment.   I never did see the glove.

That's okay.

Julia?  Forever my baby girl.    love, Mom

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