Saturday, February 14, 2015

a sweetie who is six

Here he is with his pillow Julia picked out for him.

 His parents threw a party today over lunch.

 Dannell bought fancy cupcakes instead of a cake.  They were pretty delicious.  John called me to come taste the sea salt caramel one.


 Okay, something to keep in mind--be careful when dangling a baby wielding two swords.

 Oh, the little non-birthday siblings get so out of joint.   He was fine, just a little overwhelmed.

Here's Dannell's Valentine picture from facebook, handily stolen by me:

Thank you guys for hosting this splendid party

And Sweetie?

You and me been friends a long time.

Six years now.
I love you so much, especially when you're outrageous and make me roll my eyes.

You have a big heart, and you know how to command and audience.   You have a lot of ideas and you know how to get heard.

It's been so much fun having you for a kid.

Lucky little old us.

Happy Birthday, Buddy.

love forever, Grandma and Grandpa

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