Tuesday, February 24, 2015

a new day

 Moving on from a horseshit weekend into a better week.  

Julia has discovered the fireplace and the candles in it.  This candle holder is something from when Lori sold candles back in the day.   We haven't used it much for years, mostly because ground-level candles aren't safe with little children.

She vacuumed all the cobwebs from the fireplace a couple weeks ago.

 But she loves it, so today we bought battery operated candles.  Now she can enjoy the fireplace candles whenever she wants.
And this is a separate story, but late last night James helped brighten the mood around this house so incredibly much.

He got to telling old stories about his buddy.  And they were completely ridiculous stories, and well told.
 Finally James was completely undone with laughter, holding his chest, wiping tears from his eyes.

 When he was finally able to speak again, he squeaked out, "I can't wait until he gets home again."

They grew up together and his friend goes to boarding school on the east coast, so they see each other during the summer and on holidays, but there's instagram and texting and facebook, so the miles don't seem all that far.

Thank you our friend, for being the kid of guy where truly absurd and hilarioius stories can be told in the kitchen late on a Monday night.

I love you all so,  Val, aka MOM

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