Saturday, February 7, 2015

making the most of this saturday

The first picture is two girls who picked out dresses at Costco yesterday.  We roamed around, ate samples, had fun.

The picture below is Desi's bearded dragon Little Jay bought her for her birthday.   We went over there to see him today, and is he ever cool--and very, very adorable.

Heidi asked this morning if we wanted to go along to soccer and see the kids play.  p.j. is playing and also Dan and  Alicia's guys.

It was pretty cute, and fairly hilarious.

Okay, plus this:  Dan and Alicia's littlest guy gets nervous, so he wants Dan to hold his hand while he plays soccer.  I laughed my head off watching this, the kid kicking a ball while dragging his father along by the hand.

Yeah, memorable. We'll be bringing this up to the kid later, "Remember when?"
The coach kept things moving--activities only three or four minutes long, lots of running and chasing, and there were also tears.  One tiny (minute little peanut) kid didn't get a pink soccer ball, and that was upsetting. When we left, p.j. was all in a bad mood.  I asked Heidi what was wrong?  "She's disappointed in her performance."


Alicia said b.g. said the same thing one other week.  He was upset because he isn't good at it.   Well, soccer is a little complicated.   No doubt it's harder than it looks.  I can tell you that right now about hockey.

They race around, gliding on ice, and talk about adding to the hazard.  Alicia's brother and his wife were soccer players in college, and they are still fairly serious athletes.

I would know nothing about that personally.
 After we hung out at Little Jay's a while, we went over to John and Dannell''s to see them and the kids.   Tim and t.c. grabbed ipads and were gone playing games the whole time.
 She's growing!  Her eyes were open more, so sweet.
 John put pizzas in the oven.

And now it's the end of Saturday night, and February has been completely amazing so far.

Onward.   love always, Val, aka Grandma

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