Sunday, March 8, 2015

celebration for pj

 Today was the fourth birthday party and it was fantastic.  There's a whole mob of people who love this child, and they filled the house and even the yard.  It was 40+ degrees out, and sun shining.

This is John and  Dannell's baby, growing fast, so cuddly and funny.  She is starting to smile, though she's also very good at sleeping.

And this is Alicia and Dan's little girl, just ten days old.  They were both thoroughly hugged by a lot of people, including my sister, and my brother's wife.
Those two girls in the cream sweater and the purple are not kids of mine. They are Joe's step-sisters and they're great.    That's Joe's grandma in the blouse, leaning against the wall, my brother's girl in the blue, her mom in the print sweater in the hall.  With the zig zag print--Joe's mom.

It was a great party for a great girl.

 Here she is, four candles!

And here she was, quite some time ago.

Recognize her?  Oh my goodness.

Little girl, you done won our hearts first in an instant.

Thank you for everything you bring to us--your smarty sense of humor, your determination, your singing and sense of FUN.

You are the little sister Julia never had and gets to dote on and enjoy, and she is the big sister you get to love and follow, and also duke it out with.

You're my Curious George buddy, who warmed up my back on these winter mornings.

This whole family is better having you for a girl.

Love forever, Grandma and Grandpa and Everybody

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