Sunday, March 22, 2015

sunday night supper

 Dan texted me yesterday about getting together today.

Supper it was.  These two guys were far more interested in Legos and the Scooby Doo movie they could watch on my parents old TV down there.

Here they are eating orange ice cream pops.

Dan found the puzzle Kirsten and the kids have been working on.

 Hugging on the baby:

 Julia got the camera at some point and took pictures.

 These guys were not hungry for supper, but later the little one requested a hamburger, so Grandpa heated up a leftover one from the lake and he ate it all.

They were still so hungry they left with cold grilled cheese sandwiches in their hands.

That made me laugh.  Whatever.

 It was snowing and Tim brought in snow which they ate, and also threw around as snowballs.

Not exactly a fan, but it was only a little snow and the floor in the family room is just sub-floor anyway, so a little snow can't hurt it.

Happy Sunday, you guys.

We love you so much,    love Grandma and Grandpa

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