Tuesday, March 17, 2015

the best kind of monday

 It was.   We went to my parents for lunch and ate chicken noodle casserole.   Alicia was in ht\\the neighborhood, picking b.g. up from preschool, so she joined us.

That baby girl is growing!
 Lunch, again with a fair amount of butt talk.

I know.  Kids never change.

 My mother, who always was the voice of reason, found it a bit funny.  "He can say butt crack all day long, not going to bother me."

I'm sure she would have hated it as much as Dan and Alicia do, when one of us kids did it, but as Great-Grandma?

 Cousins rolling around in the den, half watching a program and goofing around.
This was a great Monday.

Tuesday is okay too.

love, Val

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