Tuesday, March 31, 2015

cruising into spring

 This is something Julia and p.j. do for hours on end--create decorations for the Barbie house.

See the wallpaper in the photo above?   Santa wallpapered the walls with wallpaper from our own house.

How did he do that?

I don't know, but he did.

Anyway, that wallpaper was from our bathroom in our old house, back in 1985.   Jay and I were putting up wallpaper, bitch of a job that is, and about halfway around the room, we realized we were putting it up upside down.

We paused then, and there were three kids with us in the bathroom, plus a standard poodle, and sweat was dripping off Jay's nose.

I said, "It looks great.  Let's just keep going."

Sometimes, life.

 The wallpaper in this picture was given to me by a lady who'd been given it by someone else.  This hand-me-down wallpaper was on the walls of Heidi and Kirsten's room for a couple decades, until my friend Jody said it was child abuse, and we had to redecorate.

I still like it.  The 90's weren't a bad decade.

I pretty much loved the 90's.

Today at Target I bought some lights that came in this box.  As soon as I saw that plastic window on the corner, I knew this would bring huge inspiration to a couple girls.

 It totally did!  They watched YouTube videos for instruction on how to make furniture from toilet paper tubes and bottle caps and scraps of fabric from my baby blanket sewing.

Julia came to me worried about the rough edge on the front.  I tried to trim it too, but it wasn't meant to be with that scissors and that box.   I suggested they use the green tape on the edge and it turned out so cute.

And this little animal:
She's been begging for pierced ears, so they all went last Saturday, and two people were supposed to be on hand to do both ears simultaneously.

Only they all got there and there was only one lady.

Who was confident.   p.j. was confident.

And then it all went down the tubes. So she has one pierced ear and told me she'll have the other one done some day when she is feeling brave.

I asked her if it was now? Are you brave now?  No?  Okay, how about now?


And now, moving on to this problem:  Sunday is Easter, so I purchased this lovely pinata.  I can't deal with pinatas that look like actual people or animals.

Whack them with a stick?

No, no, no.
They filled it with the ton of candy I bought today, and then true to form, the little turds started raiding the pinata and stealing the candy.  Kari intervened, but I think I need to buy more and hide it like I have in past years.


And it's officially Little Jay's birthday, though he wasn't born until 1 am.

April is here, and we're all okay

And I'm glad.

love, Val

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