Tuesday, March 10, 2015

seven adults

It's true, Jimmy's an official adult, turned eighteen today.

When people find out how many kids I have, I often tell them at this point I do not have ten children.    I have however many adults and the rest are children.

Now I have seven adults and three children.

Actually I never had ten children.  When Julia was born I already had three adults.

Anyway, here was a guy late last night doing homework, annoying homework.  They assign kids to read a book, and then ask them a million questions where they have to basically regurgitate the book.

 In homeschool when there were stories with questions afterward, those were entirely optional.  I mean, who cares?    That's just painful.

Doesn't he look like he could use a couple aspirin?

 Today though, this was a great day to have a birthday.  James was born in a year when March tenth was still very winter.  This year?  It's looking very April.

 What a dang mess.  Those plastic bottles are recycling I, and others, pitched from the back door toward the recycle bin and missed.  The bottles are light. The wind interferes.   The laundry soap bottles are at least a little heavier.  Usually I can get those in.

 As soon as the ground thaws, that little pond will disappear.

 James invited friends to the party tonight, and that was very fun. He has very nice friends--funny, interesting people I like to be around.

 Oh, and the nephews and nieces were here!  They have on their favorite hero costumes, sweating, screaming, running.

 Jay and my dad in the kitchen:

 I like this blurry one because Maria's eyes kind of say a lot.

 Time for gifts!

 The heros got hot, shirts came off.

And cake--p.j. and Julia decorated it.

 Blurry, blurry family.

 Here he's getting ready.  Nobody blows out candles faster than James does.

 Boom, done, in one sweep.

 Here's my mama, with John and Dannell's little girl:

And here's one more picture of James.


You are one of the most tender, sweetest, kindest people I've ever known.  There's the teenaged attitude now and then, and that downstairs bathroom is an ongoing challenge, but you have never been one.

You have brought Dad and me, and also your brothers and sisters, more happiness than you can probably even imagine.

The cute baby, the funny toddler, your tremendously nervous-energy child self, wiggling all over the place constantly, the wry and astute teenager you became, and now you're a dang adult??

We used to say you were a nut magnet because every young squirrel in any group would be hyping out, pounding you with their Sunday School literature, their worksheets, paper towel tubes even.

You are the only kid ever to get kicked out of preschool, so take that trophy.


Go out into the world and do good things.  You have personal power.  Use it.

This whole family is obviously way better because you're in it.

love forever, Mom and Dad and Everybody.

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