Friday, March 20, 2015

gimme that kid

Yesterday Dannell called, kind of apologetic.  Could we watch the little guy today?


They think a kid like this is a burden on me.   Well, he's not.

The little girl was going to stay home today, but there's a lot of stress going on in this house at the moment and one thing I can count on is my girl.

They thought it would be fine if she came for lunch and played with her cousin for a few hours.

We got under a blanket on my bed and watched Curious George together and ate crackers.

It was great, except every time my eyes rested, the little guy would holler, "Grandma! Wake up!"

These little animals are at the swimming pool, I"m told.  These two cousins rarely have the chance to play together without anyone else, and they found fun things to do.

 A little math:
 And pouncing on the Grandpa:

This was a lovely time, sweet little kids in the house, plus it was Friday, and that's always a good thing.  

love, Val

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