Saturday, February 13, 2016

a sweetie turns seven

 It was a great party.  Jay's parents were there with our niece, a nice surprise.

 My sister and brother in law were there too, and our niece and her fiance, who I am pleased to say I like a whole lot.

 This looks like a serious conversation, though it may not be either.

 Oh, cheese, Darling.

 Gifts and more gifts. They love each other's gifts.

 And this yummy little one:

 Here they're making Wild Kratts outfits. Notice the little child in purple hanging on her mom's legs.  Dan and I dragged her away multiple times and she sprinted right straight back.


 That one with the double sprout pony tails woke up late into the party, but she liked it once she got awake.

 Cake time! Dannell created this insane masterpiece.

 Here they're amusing the kids with couch toss.

Here he is, our sweetie, the guy turning seven!

Seven years of you!

Friendly, charming, smart as heck, funny, tricky, full of energy and schemes--we love you.

The little brother with the long, curly eyelashes and the big ideas, leading your cousins on a wild charge?

We are so lucky having you, and we know it.

Happy Birthday, Buddy.

The whole family is better because you're in it.

Love forever, Grandma and Grandpa and Everybody

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