Monday, February 15, 2016

a wild winter monday

 We had a bunch of kids here, going nuts in the house.  It's got a little edge of spring fever to it already.

 Jay started working on the plaster in James' room yesterday.  He works fast.  Already it's looking improved and under control.

Then I wandered to Kari's room. She's rearranging furniture and doing things in her room. We took the giant braided rug out of there yesterday, put it in the family room for now.

 These are figurines I bought at garage sales when I was a kid. That squirrel?

Great choice, don't you think?

The curly haired doll in the background was made by a plumbing customer.  Jay went to a job the day after Kari was born and he told her about our new baby and she left while he was working and brought back a doll she'd made for our baby.

This happens to be the ring bearer pillow from John and Dannell's wedding  Nice touch with the dude tucked in the lace.

 A baby wrangling ballerina:

 The bulbs I bought to help hurry spring along? They're already blooming.

And that's the end of that, a fine fast-moving Monday.

Love forever, Val

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