Saturday, February 27, 2016

first birthday

 There was a big party at Dan and Alicia's for this baby girl, turning one.

 There was this giant pink cake and two excited brothers.  The younger brother was up at 6 am, went and woke up his mom to tell her about the party decorations he discovered in the morning.

The ones she put up late last night?  Yep.

You, darling child.  A year ago you were a sober little newborn with eyes like jewels, sapphires in that tiny, serious face.

Now?  A full participant in everything.  Someone commented on you today, how cute you are.  I agreed, "Yeah, she is cute, and she's a very sweet person."

And then I thought, how could I know that about you in only one year?

It's true.  You are.

Observant and funny, wonderful full body hugs tight around the neck, a kid who would sit in the high chair all day sampling snacks and watching the crowd, and I just love you like crazy.

How much I look forward to watching you grow.

Pure delight.

Happy Birthday, Darling, love, Grandma and Grandpa and Everybody

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