Sunday, February 7, 2016

winter weekend

 We had a sleepover Friday night.   They wanted curls so we put the sponge rollers in the little girl, and the bigger girl did lots of small braids.

Then they went to the fluffy rug in the family room to work on cartwheels.  Well, James had not seen p.j. do cartwheels before, and especially with her hair up in curlers and holding a stuffed monkey, it was a pretty hilarious scene.  He laughed so hard he was wiping his eyes.

Saturday night we went to the Mardi Gras carnival at church.  This is the church we've been going to lately.  It's close to home, very sweet people.  We're still members at our other church in the city, and this hasn't been easy being half at two churches.  It's a practical decision, but we're in this weird spot.

Anyway, the carnival was fun.

And today we went to a Super Bowl party at Heidi and Joe's and that was a pretty easy-going time, lots of good food and cute kids all around.

 The new curtains:
 I'm cautious with color, for the most part.  Heidi is not, and I love that.

This little girl was getting tired by half time.

 The kids braved the blasting wind for a 15 minute trip outside before dark.

 And now it's the end of a fine Sunday night, and someone's picking away at a guitar upstairs and someone else is in the shower.  I can hear somebody else packing a lunch for tomorrow.

 One more load of laundry tonight, and that's it.

 Tomorrow's problem:

Onward to Monday!

Good night.

love, Val

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