Saturday, February 13, 2016

getting ready for valentine's day

 This was last week, working on Valentines.  This is a painting, but before this she brought me orange construction paper and asked me to cut out hearts.   I gave them back to her and she left.

I saw her over at the table working with crayons and glitter, but I was hanging out with her sister, and didn't pay much attention.  Every now and then she'd ask me to spell something.  She's very, very slow at writing things down this way, but that's okay. We were just hanging out anyway.

Well, today I had all the envelopes she'd handed me later to give to the cousins.   I'd thrown them in the box with the other Valentine stuff, and had no idea she'd decorated Valentines for each of them, glitter and pictures and sealed them in manila envelopes she'd glued shut with a glue stick and more glitter.

I was touched.

 Kirsten gave us this wreath for Christmas, but I wasn't ready to be done with it after Christmas, so I re-purposed it for Valentine's Day.

 Oh and these two are making chocolate covered strawberries for the girlfriend for Valentine's Day tomorrow.  They were melting chocolate in the double boiler, which I didn't even know they knew how to do.
 "Mother. We have made Christmas cookies.  We know how to melt chocolate."

This dog had a haircut, looking a lot better than before.

And the microwave shot out flames.  I didn't believe them, so they turned it back on to demonstrate.

Yep. Flames shot out that black spot. Who knew this could even happen.   And that brings us to the end of a very fine Saturday night.     Onward.    love always, Val

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