Thursday, March 17, 2016


This is how we're living today.  This little girl happened to go down to the basement and asked me about the candy all over.

Then she found the note.

It was the Leprechauns.

They left a rude note, but they enjoyed the candy. It was thrown far and wide. Starbursts may be being found for years.

Then there's this little girl. She was hell-bent on breaking out of her enclosure.

 Now she realizes freedom is in her sights:

 Oh, yeah, turn off those tears.

 The cuteness.

Yeah.  She's big and strong and determined, but she's also pretty funny.

 Julia must have taken these late afternoon pictures of life in the enclosure, where there are lots of pillows and blankets and Netflix.


Tomorrow is Friday, best day of the week.

Hoping for greatness.

love, Val

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