Monday, March 21, 2016

surprise guys

 This morning while p.j. and I were half-awake, tucked together on the big, red couch, Dannell called and asked if they could come over in an hour?

Heck, yeah!

She woke  up the kids, we all got dressed, straightened up.

This little guy said our macaroni with chicken and vegetables was the BEST macaroni ever.  It is tasty, I agree.  We get it from the milkman every week. Tim and Big Jay hate it, but they can fix a sandwich.

 This beautiful girl with the thickest, plushest eyelashes I've ever seen on a baby was also here.  And her crazy little mom is someone I've loved for years.

 p.j. was over-the-moon happy her cousins were coming for lunch.  Look at her beaming at that young squirrel.

 This chair Tim is sitting in had to be removed from the baby enclosure due to p.j.'s little sister being a climbing hazard.  When we pull her off and scold her, she screams like she's in torture.

Complete exaggeration in every way.

No, you may not climb up there and fall off and get injured. Stop telling wild stories about our meanness. They're all fiction.

I gathered the chair up and removed it for her personal safety.

Julia took some photos, and that's a good thing.

 This one is her favorite:

I definitely like that arching bright sky.

Still getting out of  2015, but 2016 brings so much hope.

I love you all incredibly much, Mom, aka GRANDMA, aka Val

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