Sunday, March 20, 2016

because that makes sense

So, yeah, this makes sense.

Heidi found these diapers she provided to us for the baby's care.  SOMEONE drew poop on them with pens and markers.

Because that makes sense.


So.  Add this to all the evidence I've provided that kids are crazy.

Cuckoo. Cuckoo.

The good news is, these diapers are not wasted by the drawings.  We'll use them just fine.

Lord. Have. Mercy.

Little Jay's interview at his grad school went as well as it could have.  He drove several states away, returned hopeful.

Heidi's training for a half marathon, so she was here with her girls yesterday.

This is the first dog birthday party we have had to be apart from.  Usually this happens on my patio.

She's a very sweet dog, very well-behaved and friendly, easy to have around.  Kirsten pays Tim to sleep with her at night when she's out of town.

It's a tough job, but he takes the responsibility seriously.

It was a sunny Palm Sunday, all of the ones we can compel to go to church did.   There was bright, golden stained-glass sunshine, hugs from a friend, lovely.

Then we ate, and I went off to work selling houses, which I did.

And then a sunny ride home at 7 pm on a sunny, empty freeway.  It was only 41 degrees, so I didn't open any windows,  but the sun was that inviting and bright.

Office work, bubble bath, now here.

Onward to tomorrow. The DMV awaits.   love forever, Val

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