Monday, March 28, 2016

more easter

Easter is Pam's holiday, so we all headed there.  See her plants sprouting?

O.M.G.  And my kids always react to a trip to Pam's like you'd imagine a person would to a trip to Disney. They shriek, jump in the air, go nuts.  It's bizarre, and they're also very sad her trampoline wore out and had to go to trampoline heaven.

 This is what they referred to as the "Easter hunt."

 Break away Baby.  This is the thing, see?  They want to climb the stairs, and this one actually can make her way back down again without killing herself.   But once they get upstairs, then they want to go on the roof. Babies are all about pushing the boundaries of the possible.

Can't hardly believe I just said that. (Why do we stop doing that, anyway?)

Crazy human nature.
Bold, single-minded babies.

love, MOM aka GRANDMA, aka Val

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