Sunday, March 13, 2016

weekend in march

 This one ended up at urgent care today, who sent us to the ER.  Glomerulonephritis, we are told.  She appeared yesterday with a rash, which was worse today. She had antibiotics all week for strep throat, now this.  Well, they gave her fluids and a lot of blood samples were taken.   She's okay.  Her kidneys are filtering her blood just fine at this point.  We will see a nephrologist in a week or so to follow up.

 We also had cupcakes for James one more time.

Friends were here Saturday night playing cards and laughing into the week hours of the morning.

These kids are growing up.
 I scrubbed all the grout and backsplash and the bottoms of the upper cupboards, and the dishes in the open cabinets where the standing pilot lights on the stove cause some greasy weird dust to form on higher shelves.  (I have to do this probably three times a year.)

Then I cleaned the cabinet under the sink and washed and waxed the floor.  Jay dragged the fridge out so I could wash under it, and Maria and I hauled the washer out and washed the floor there.

The kitchen is clean.  Even washed the rugs.

And that is the end of that.

Dan and Alicia and their kids, and Heidi was here too for burgers on the grill, and then I had to take that one kid to the doctor and was gone for like seven hours.  But otherwise this was a not-bad Sunday.

Onward to Monday.

And thank you March for being so awesome and warm and agreeable.

love, Val

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