Tuesday, March 1, 2016

hey, march!

 Welcome, honey!  I am so glad to see you.

Yesterday I took down the dusty bedroom curtains and threw them in the wash. Then I observed the condition of the window sill and edges of the window panes.  They're normally behind the curtains and easy to ignore.

But they're also original to the house, been there baking in the sun and absorbing condensation at intervals since the mid 1940s.   I got some sandpaper and sanded and vacuumed the dust and wiped.

Then I put down coats of tung oil to protect the wood again.  It's weird to have no curtains in the bedroom, makes the room feel like a public space, rather than my room.

These crazy plants, loving the sunshine:

  Julia hit me up as we drove to pick up p.j. from prschool for fruit, cool whip and sponge cakes to make little desserts.

Oh Good LORD.

Okay, fine.
 They had no little circle sponge cakes so we managed with the tiny graham cracker shells.

 Here's Sam, supervising the baby.

 And I bought a plant at the grocery store flower market to put into the fairy garden in the living room.

 And this picture of Sidney?  Who took it, I don't know. She has that super-attentive is it time for me to eat look about her posture.
March?  Come on in. We are so delighted to see you.

love, Val

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