Tuesday, February 21, 2017

a trip to the lake

 She did great in the van, didn't get sick, hung out quietly.
 It was the same as we left it.

 The weather is strange and warm.  It was 60 degrees out or warmer.

This is northern Wisconsin in February.

Very weird.
 The neighbor's cat came over and the kids were so happy to see her.   Twelve years ago they fed her donuts when she came over, pretty tame kitty.

 Elin was excited to meet her, threw herself down and rolled over in submission.  The cat hissed and slapped her on the nose. She has claws, but they weren't out.  Elin didn't seem to care.

 The power company cut all the brush under the power line so the kids could actually get down to the open part of the swamp.   The brush will grow back fast.  I don't want that water that accessible in the summer.  Too many little kids to watch.

 Then these two showed up with their dad!  I was delighted.
 When they all went to the restaurant for lunch, I stayed with the dog, and found a pair of  my grandchild's shoes to wear that were more waterproof than my moccasins.

 They caught no fish, but had fun trying.

 Smiling pose
 Lazy pose
 They took off their soggy snow pants and boots, and she parked herself right on top of them.

Why do dogs do this??  I don't know.

It was a fun trip, an easy-going day.   love, Val, aka Grandma

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