Tuesday, February 7, 2017

stormy tuesday

 It was rainy and dark outside, freezing rain and gloom, but warm and nice in the house.   This little dog's tail is growing along with her.   A newf's tail reaches to the floor when it's not waving around.   Sam's tail cut a swath six feet wide, one way and the other, knocking ornaments off the Christmas tree, glasses and magazines off the coffee tables.

This is still a baby tail, but I recognize it.

Sunday night, during the Super Bowl, I went with Heidi to supervise the swimming lesson.  It was humid and warm in the room.  p.j. was fish, diving and swimming all around.  This was more for her enjoyment than swimming instruction.

I always hated getting dressed when I was her age.


Especially anything like tights or getting dressed half-wet.  Every morning before school I'd roll around on the bed waiting for my mom to come deal with my tights. Eventually she'd come do it, bitching at me all the way, but it was a small price to pay.

So I helped the child dry off and get dressed.  I don't know if she appreciated it or not, but my six your old self did, and I probably owe it to my own mother.

Last night when Elin was hungry, Tim took treats and coaxed her down the stairs to this room. She was scared, but she was also hungry and he had treats placed on each stair and a way of darting in and out of the picture to keep her interested, but not overwhelmed.

Today when we were downstairs with this little girl, she came bouncing down on her own, no treats needed, just had to overcome that nervousness.

 She barked at her own reflection in the mirror and tried to steal the baby's gummy bears.

 I did a couple errands with this little girl today and she's grown up so much, was actually quite cooperative and sociable.  It was fun.  She ate snacks and dragged me around by the sleeve.

She's quite a girl.
It was a lovely Tuesday.

I love you kids.

Love, Mom

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