Monday, February 27, 2017

two years old!

 Today was the party for Dan and Alicia's little girl's second birthday.  The usual crowd was there to celebrate.

 They always creep soooo close watching the gifts being opened.

 These guys were happy to see each other.  Little Jay enjoyed the kids toys quite a bit, had us all cracking up.

 This huge purple unicorn was a hit.

 This one slipped upstairs.  I went upstairs to use the bathroom and heard quiet little footsteps.  It was her.  
 My dad painted that picture and Alicia admired it, so he gave it to her.  It's perfect in the child's room.

 Cake time!

She was nervous while we sang.
 But she was ready for the candles.

It's been a beautiful year, watching you grow from a baby into a little bitty girl, taking care of baby dolls,and doggedly working on puzzles, reading story books, starting to talk.

Observant and sweet, it's so much fun to be around you.

This whole family is lucky you're here.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart,

Love,  Grandma and Grandpa and Everybody

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