Tuesday, February 21, 2017

babysitting on monday in the rain

Jay plastered and I painted on Saturday, everything back to new:

 I still have to paint this in the bathroom tomorrow.

 We babysat Dan and Alicia's kids on Monday, and Joe came over too.  We were kind of busy chasing after kids, and I didn't take any pictures.

Dan and Alicia stayed for supper and I grabbed a few then.

 This guy has an awesome laugh, although Dan says it can make him very angry if he's laughing and not straightening up when it's not the time to be squirreling out and laughing.

Monday was definitely the time to be squirreling out and laughing.  They were all so easy to be around on Monday.  They probably ate more ice cream and Zebra Cakes than they should have, but whatever.  It's not that often.  There were some video games, and they tried to watch Curious George a few times but were  quickly bored and back to Legos in the basement.

 This little girl got so tired she was asking to go home to bed before the meal was even served.  I hope she slept well.

And that's the end of that.

Nothing but love.

Love, Val, aka Grandma

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