Saturday, February 11, 2017


Today was a great Saturday.

I saw all of my grandchildren, not all at once, but all of them.

Tonight was Jack of Hearts, the school dance, and these two went:

She speculated, "Two introverts at a dance.  I can already picture it."  And yet she was the one who coaxed him to go.

Last week she and Maria went shopping for the dress, and tonight it took half a dozen tries and Dan's help to get his tie right.

Teenagers. I love them.  Kari's the eighth one, and it's good to be here, now, and to know what I know.

Letters arrived in the mail today. Tim and Julia's school requests for next year were both accepted.


I have done worked myself out of a job.  This homeschool started in 1989, and in September, 2017 it will be over.

Not a bad run, considering.

And such fine students emerged, over, and over, and over.  How? I have no idea. This was not an ambitious Smart-Guy endeavor. It was scruffy and seat-of the-pants, lots of kids and babies and arguing. I actually bailed on homeschool groups in 1994, could not stand them anymore.

Our homeschool of 1989 hardly resembles homeschool over the three decades of evolving that have passed, and yet it's all good--all good students, decent, responsible people.

Plus we all still love each other.

And in one more minute, it's Sunday.

And they had fun at the dance.

Nothing but gratefulness and love, Val

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