Thursday, June 1, 2017

away goes the grill

 We called for a construction dumpster, and one arrived.

This beast is going away.
 We tried to use it a few times back in 1988 or so, back when we bought the house, but it took a whole bag of charcoal on the grill and stayed hot for hours--not a good thing when there's a herd of kids involved.

So we never used it--gorgeous and tattered, impractical.

 In our non-use, ants invaded and trees grew in it.

Back in the day the kids used to use it as a safety zone when being chased by our old dog, Spooner.  If he caught them, he'd hump 'em.  They ran from swingset to the grill, trying to escape his rowdy, horny clutches.

And that's the end of that.

Thank you, James.

Sometimes the end is the end, and that is that.

Love, Val

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