Thursday, June 15, 2017

the little pool, plus the dish soap story

So this morning I saw this baby squirting out dish soap onto the floor near the back door.  I ran out to the kitchen to stop her--I mean, the dish soap?  It was just sitting next to the sink, perfectly ordinary and boring--and found out that wasn't the only puddle of dish soap on the floor.

I hit that spot and it was like stepping onto a bowling lane, whoop!  Flew to the floor and slid across it, bunched up the rug.

That's not right.   I would never do this to my grandma.

Anyway, we wiped it up, kept going.

At lunch, Julia was sliding her hands over these flowers, marveling at how incredibly soft they are and how good they smell.  They've also been in the vase a couple days and they're a little wilted.  As soon as she moved her hand away, half the petals fell off.

Then the baby had the idea to also touch the flowers.  "No, no, no.  That's not a good idea."   Of course, she persisted because that's how she is, being two and all.

So Julia reached out a hand to  move her hand away from the flowers, and knocked over p.j.'s water all over the table.   So then towels were needed.  Specifically SIX huge towels--to mop up six ounces of water.

I was on the phone with Kirsten during all this, and we laughed. Why not? She knows all about kids.

After lunch, time for the LITTLE POOL!!!

p.j. was very excited, asked a dozen times how long until we could go.

It's the same as ever, only James is the pool attendant this year, so that was very fun,

And Kari was babysitting Dan and Alicia's boys, so they came, and Alicia's brother's wife was there with her kids too.

 Tonight while I was working, Jay went to a grandchild soccer game, where the little brother and sister thought he was some kind of gymnastic equipment in himself.

And that's the end of a beautiful Thursday in June.

Love always, Val

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  1. Heartwarming!! Enjoying the little things in life. Hope you are not too sore in the morning. Thanks for sharing.